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With my first born, Mia, I didn’t realize the importance of a quality, durable, practical and to be honest (non-baby bag looking) baby bag. I initially had a cheap bag from a retailer but after just a few trips out of the house with her I realized how impractical the bag really was. I thought that having a cute, small bag would suit my needs but boy was I wrong. I very quickly learnt how important it was to have a bag that could fit my entire household into it plus – when you don’t have time to do your make-up or hair or even dress in clothes that haven’t been vomited on – you REALLY need a baby bag that at least lets you feel half human and not like a 100% typical mommy.

This time round with baby number 2… it was literally the FIRST thing on my shopping list. With Trent, I really would like a baby bag that is not only practical but one that looks like a gorgeous handbag – so I don’t have to feel like a boring mommy all the time.

When I had Mia 4 years ago – these cool leather baby bags were not a thing, and if you did find one – they cost the earth. So when I started my search this time around for a baby bag, I was amazed to see all the choice out there as well as all the styles and the price range. You can get shoulder bags, back pack style bags, small clutch style bags and the list goes on. They even come in faux and real lather and there seems to be one suited to every price range – I have found gorgeous faux leather baby bags from around R500 all the way up to real leather baby bags at R5000.

But, all my searching stopped when I stumbled upon a post a couple weeks back by the Belly Blessings Market… my mind started racing – I fell in love straight away. Who was this new brand that I had never seen or heard of before? OMG – this bag looks gorgeous, it looks big enough to fit my house, it has compartments everywhere and best of all – the price. I contacted the owners and got my order in straight away.

Now it was the day of delivery, I collected my parcel from Postnet – I could smell the leather of the bag through the packaging as the man handed me the bag… boy was I excited. Before I had even gotten back to my car, I had opened up the parcel and was admiring my gorgeous new bag. I thought to myself – could I use this bag already before Trent even arrives? He wouldn’t know that I’ve been using it as an everyday bag and he wouldn’t care either – his mommy is happy and sporting a stylish new bag – we both win.

Needless to say – I haven’t actually used it as yet. I am saving it for our hospital trip. I want to preserve it until the very last moment, but every day I look at the bag hanging in his nursery and have to hold myself back from using my new bag.

Although I want to keep my bag’s first trip for the hospital – I have definitely had some fun playing around with the bag to see what and how much I can fit inside the bag, and to see if this frumpy mummy can look cool with a leather bag on her shoulder… so please enjoy some of my pics below of the bag – I am by no means a photograph or even much good with a camera but I try. I also had a little help with some pics from Teri at Choose a Row.

It really is a divine bag. The quality of the leather is amazing and the finer details – something that I, as a clothing business owner notice, is impeccable. The stitching is perfect, there are no missed stitches or gaps or skew lines… it really is a gorgeous and perfectly made bag. Even the lining inside is made from a lovely soft fabric which a lot of other brands don’t often focus on. Lastly, all of the compartments – I don’t even know what to do with them all… I can see myself losing my keys at one point but I don’t mind as I get some many compartments.

For a little fun, I decided to test this little beauty out and see how much I could fit in, after all, this time around I will have two to pack for, well actually 3… Trent, Mia and myself.

So here are just some of the items I managed to fit into my bag:

For Trent: and I am sure I have even forgotten some important things for if he was actually here and I was going out… if you can think of anything important I have missed for an outing with a new born – please feel free to comment here and refresh my memory:

2 x Tommee Tippee Bottles

Formula in those holders J

A pack of Huggies Nappes

A pack of Johnsons Wet Wipes

Burp Cloth


3 change of clothes (babygrow, body vest, hoodie and tracksuit pants)

Swaddle blanket

Bum Cream


Dingle Dangle toy

For Mia:

Extra dress

Colouring in book and crayons

Some snacks and juice

For Mommy:



Cell phone

And I probably will need an emergency button for going out with a newborn and toddler on my own J

To my surprise – there was still space left in this bag.

If you would love to get your hands on one of these gorgeous bags, please go check out Leather Love Bags on Facebook… give them a like/follow and help support them by sharing this post and their page on social media with your friends. The more friends that know about all the amazing LOKAL brands available in SA, the more chance us LOKAL brands have of surviving and growing.

If you know of any other LOKAL brands, please feel free to share their details in the comment section on this page, email me at hello@schnookypie.co.za or feel free to send them my details to get in touch. I would love to share as many LOKAL brands with all my followers as possible so that we can all spread the love.

Facebook link: Leather Love Bags

To order your own beautiful bag in either tan (my favourite) dark brown or black, for only R1700, please e-mail Erica and Jolanda at info@leatherlove.co.za

If you live in JHB you can also find them at the MamaMagic Expo next weekend from 17-20 May 2018 at stand B24.

I hope that you will enjoy this series and find some value in it. You can email me at hello@schnookypie.co.za  and find out more about my brand at www.schnookypie.co.za.

ps: keep an eye out on their page as we will be doing an awesome collab soon – hopefully the pic above will give you an idea of what is in store for you.

Jaclyn Holmes

Founder of Schnooky Pie

Mom, boss, wife and Proud South African.

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