Lokal Is Lekker

Where to begin? In 2014 while on maternity leave with my first born Mia – I was searching the internet for something to do with all the spare time that I had as she was such an amazing sleeper. I was looking for clothes that I could make for her as well as trying to find lokal brands that I could purchase from as I found that a lot of the shops had very boring clothing and the clothes were made from fabrics that I wasn’t happy to put onto my little girl.

I found that there were not many lokal brands at this stage and that the only online stores that I could find, seemed to all be importing China made goods – which again were made from not ideal fabrics, placing an order was difficult in my opinion with a lot of back and forth emails, or commenting on posts in the hopes of winning a bid or sale and then when your order arrived, the garments looked nothing like the pics, the sizing was off and the fabric was not suitable for kiddies (again all in my opinion and experience).

That was when I started buying fabric and making some items for my daughter and then I started exploring starting my own brand of clothing. Fast forward 3 years, I have left a successful corporate career in brand management at a Big Corporate giant and thrown myself into Schnooky Pie wholeheartedly, making some huge sacrifices to mine and my families lives.

My passion for Schnooky Pie is to be a Proudly South African baby and toddler clothing brand which produces clothing that is exciting, that fits well, that is made from soft and comfortable fabrics and that is at its core LOKAL. Everything that I do, I layer the lens of “Will this make SP more LOKAL?” – if the answer is no, then I don’t do it. I want SP to be known for being Proudly South African first and foremost, but also to be known for producing amazing products.

Along my journey of starting, developing and growing SP, I have come across a lot of brands that have a similar passion to me and a lot of moms that are trying to get this whole work-life balance thing right. Now that my little girl is almost 4 years old and we are expecting baby number 2 – a little boy to be named Trent, in June… I have been doing a lot of soul searching and a lot of online exploration for lokal items seeing as I have a new nursery to set up and all the baby things that are required along the way.

I realized once again, just how difficult it can be to find all these lokal gems as a lot are not easy to find online… so that is why I decided to start this series “LOKAL is Lekker”. I want to showcase and give exposure to the other Lokal guys out there in the hope that more moms will join the movement to support lokal as much as possible.

I do understand that often lokal products are more expensive and I honestly do not feel that this is the right time or post to go into detail about how and why lokal is more expensive, but my hopes for this series is that by simply showcasing some lokal brands on my platforms, which I have taken 3 years to grow, that more moms will then have the opportunity to support lokal – be it from purchasing or simply sharing the info about the lokal brands with their friends.

I know that this is nothing new and that there are a lot of bloggers out there doing similar (and I do not want to step on any toes) but I hope that by me taking the time to invest in finding some hidden gems and to showcase as many brands as possible – that it will help us all to be more mindful of supporting Lokal whenever possible.

I hope that you will enjoy this series and find some value in it. Please feel free to share and comment on my posts and to please let me know of any local gems that you would like me to showcase as well. You can email me at hello@schnookypie.co.za and find out more about my brand at www.schnookypie.co.za.

Jaclyn Holmes

Founder of Schnooky Pie

Mom, boss, wife and Proud South African.

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