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The Ultimate LOKAL Carry Cot/Sleep Nest

A few months back, I was in bed, browsing Instagram – as I normally do each night before bed time – snooping around to see what had happened that day on SM and if there was anything that I should know about. I was scrolling fairly quickly through my newsfeed but suddenly noticed a bright flash of gorgeous greenery. I scrolled back up to find a little sneak peak image of something in the most eye catching green leaf print. It was just a sneak peak image so I had no idea what I was looking at but I was already in love with the brightness and the sharpness of the green leaves. To my surprise and excitement, when I clicked on the profile – Delicious Monsters – I was delighted to see that this gorgeous print was on a baby carry cot – something that I had actively been looking for as being a work from home mom – I need something for baby to sleep in that I can easily move him around the house if need be (especially if he is going to be a baby that wants to be close to me all the time). Plus we are also planning a family trip for a loved one’s birthday soon after Trent arrives and I wanted something easy to take with us and that he would be used to napping in.

From that moment, I knew that I needed to get my hands on this carry cot but the first thing that crossed my mind was – was it a LOKAL brand/product or an import from China. I sent a message to the brand on their Instagram page and was so happy to find out that this brand was actually a LOKAL Durban brand. Not only are they LOKAL but they also design the prints themselves, print the artwork digitally on high quality poly cotton fabric and make up the carry cots themselves as well – I don’t think you get much more LOKAL than that. Boy was I in heaven to find this out as I have found many places that make carry cots/baby nests, but they all use imported fabrics and none seem to have their own unique prints. To be completely honest, I also find that a lot of the other options out there are a little too dull and boring – they really do lack appeal and excitement in my opinion – sometimes we need a little colour and fun in our lives.

The next step was to decide which print to get… I don’t think I have struggled this much to make a decision in a long time. By now I had gotten to know the owner a little bit – Sarah and she was sharing sneak peeks of new designs that she was planning on launching in the coming months and I was simply blown away. All the designs are so unique, bright, bold and fresh… they really are designs that you cannot find easily elsewhere… but my heart kept getting pulled back to the first original design that I had come across – the palm leaf design. I was also thinking about how it would work in my little man’s nursery and remembered that I had a gorgeous green instant grass carpet in my garage (that I use for Schnooky Pie markets sometimes) and that is when I decided it was fate – I needed to have the green leaf design as it would work perfectly with my green carpet for his room. I have taken a few pics for you to see how gorgeous this design is and how well it works in my little man’s room. His room is not finished as yet, as I am still waiting for a few items to arrive for his room so I will be sure to share a full room reveal once everything is done (probably after his arrival).

I have also taken a few extra pics around my house – I suppose you can say these are places I hope to relax with Trent laying in his cot next to me… such as him sleeping on my bed while I take a nap with him, him sleeping in his cot while a sip on a cup of coffee in my lounge, him taking a nap while I read him a story in his nursery etc. etc… I suppose you can see from my descriptions – I am hoping for him to be taking quite a few naps so I can get some chill time in too hehe

But moms, I have to comment on the craftsmanship of this carry cot. Honestly, I was completely blown away when I met Sarah a few weeks back to collect my carry cot. The quality is simply amazing. The fabric is a gorgeous thick cotton and the print is sharp and bright. The entire carry cot just feels of quality and you can see the attention to detail in the stitching, the brand label and even the little logo design attached to the packaging. This is one business mommy that knows how to WOW her clients, and this product really is amazing. The padding is sturdy but soft at the same time and although Trent isn’t here as yet to test it out, it feels and looks like it is going to be super comfortable and will last a really long time. I am sure it will be something that I can pass on to a friend once he has outgrown it and it will still look and feel like brand new.

I really am excited for Trent to arrive and to test out our new carry cot, and I am also so excited to share more of the awesome LOKAL brands with you in the coming weeks and months. I have been chatting with a few LOKAL brands recently to find out more about what they do and how they do things, and I cannot wait to share more LOKAL talent with you.

Lastly but most importantly I need to comment on the mom behind this business – Sarah is a full time working mom, runs Delicious Monsters as her side hustle J, has a 1 year old and baby number 2 on the way in the beginning of June. I thought that I was superwoman when I used to have a full time job, run Schnooky Pie and had a toddler – but to add being pregnant on top of that and to be providing such an amazing product and service – I am simply blown away by her. She definitely is a perfect example to show us of what we can all achieve if we set our minds to it. We as woman are truly remarkable and if we want something – we really are able to achieve it. So moms, if there is something you have been waiting to start, be it a business, eating healthy, stopping a bad habit etc. but you feel that you just don’t have the capacity or energy to – I want you to know that you can do it. It might be difficult but we are all amazing and with the right help and support from family and friends – we can all do everything and anything we set out minds to.

If you would love to get your hands on one of these carry cots, please go check out Delicious Monsters on Facebook or Instagram… give them a like/follow and help support them by sharing this post and their page on social media with your friends. The more friends that know about all the amazing LOKAL brands available in SA, the more chance us LOKAL brands have of surviving and growing. I managed to get a few pics of some of Sarah’s other designs for you.

If you know of any other LOKAL brands, please feel free to share their details in the comment section on this page, email me at or feel free to send them my details to get in touch. I would love to share as many LOKAL brands with all my followers as possible so that we can all spread the love.

Facebook link: Delicious Monsters

To order your own gorgeous carry cot, please e-mail Sarah at

I hope that you will enjoy this series and find some value in it. You can email me at  and find out more about my brand at

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